installing visionworks 1.6.0 failed return code:1

As in title: i try install JetPack 3.1 on my host. Installer shows me that error? Someone could help?


Do you install VW for desktop or Jetson?

I’ve install JetPack 3.1 with VW on desktop.


So you want to run VW on the device, right?
(Since JetPack also contains a desktop version)

I will try to install JetPack with Vision Works first on my host desktop as instruction said, but when i install it installer shows me: installing visionworks 1.6.0 failed return code:1 and I can’t countinous install process and flash my Jetson.

I have the same problem and have a post in here on it, includes install log.

Thanks for the confirm.

We are investigating this issue. Will update more information later.
Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


We can’t reproduce this error.
Could you remove the JetPack download folder and try it again?

AastaLLL, I tried that already. No joy. My environment is an Ubuntu 16.04 desktop that previously loaded 3.0 successfully.

Did you check the VW logs from my other post?

Thanks for the information!

We test VisionWorks for the Ubuntu14.04 host.
Will check internally and update to you both.



Please check this comment:

I quote what someone wrote there:

“Go back generations prior to this old generation, 16.04? I’ve got too much software and time involved in this 16.04 - …etc. etc.”
and else:

“JetPack 3.0 has problems. Now, 3.1 is supposed to fix 3.0 but has even MORE problems than 3.0.” :)
It’s still does not work…

Hi tomek242,

Please check this comment:

Hi there,

I’ve installed JetPack (3.1) in it’s entirety successfully a month or so ago. (OS: ubuntu 16.04)
(instructed by dusty-nv jetson inference on github)

anyway, decided to try and uninstall all JetPack Host components and reinstall them.

installing Visionworks again gets Error Code 1.
it says:

“E: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found”

Not sure what to do about it.


Do you run JetPack on the Ubuntu-14.04 host?
Currently, JetPack only supports Ubuntu-14.04.


Test to see if these work (if not it implies a networking issue):


Hi AastaLLL,

I was running Ubuntu-16.04.

The “two days to a demo” tutorial here
specifies 16.04 and states that
“Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 may also be acceptable with minor modifications later while installing some packages with apt-get.”
Might want to change it soon before you get tired of telling people to use 14.04…

I have to set up another host machine, so I’ll install 14.04 this time around.


Hi linuxdev,

I’ll give that a go if I get the issue again, but I think I recall seeing other… paths that succeeded prior to the specific path that returned a 404 error.

Unfortunately I resorted to reformat Ubuntu on my hard-disk to start fresh with JetPack, but the install process of the OS finds an error. (I had an issue where JetPack kept detecting cuda-8.0 even though it was removed, and never installed it correctly after uninstall via JetPack).



Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Ubuntu-16.04 host is in our plan, but not available yet.
Currently, it’s recommended to run JetPack on Ubuntu14.04.
(Two days to a demo specifies 16.04 for the training environment, not for JetPack host.)

Here is a relevant topic for your reference:

Hi AastaLLL,

Ok, I thought the “Host” was the training environment…

as it states here on two days to a demo (immediately before it specifies 16.04 for the host):

“During this tutorial, we will use a host PC (or AWS), for training DNNs, alongside a Jetson for inference. The host PC will also serve to flash the Jetson with the latest JetPack. First we’ll setup and configure the host PC with the required OS and tools.”

I intend to have my host PC, use a GTX 1080ti for training. I’ll set up a 14.04 OS and install JetPack 3.1 and go from there, if that’s what you recommend.