Installing Xilinx Vivado/vitis on Jetson Nana developer

Hi ,
Xilinx vivado/vitis linux won’t install on my NVIDIA Jetson nano developer due to not supporting X86-64 Architecture. NVIDIA runs Linux Ubuntu LTS 18.04 ( os 64-bit).
I am trying to figure out how to solve this issue. I appreciate your feedback.
thanks, Semi

Hi @stehrani. Welcome to the forums! I’ve moved this topic over to the Jetson Nano forum.

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@stehrani NVIDIA Jetson is based on ARM (arm64) arch. To my knowledge, Vivado supports X86-64 (mainly Intel/AMD) architecture.

that’s true so in theory I can’t install it directly unless I use a Docker or virtual linux on NVIDIA Jetson? Has anyone tried it? thanks, Semi

I think that docker doesn’t help and running VM + Vivado on Jetson nano can be too demanding. You can check Xilinx fourm

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