Installtion Error


I am started facing an issue related to CUDA toolkit installation.

I could able to install and use CUDA 6.0 toolkit without any issue with my old system having Nvidia Quadro K3100 GPU.

Recently I have been allotted new system with Nvidia Quadro M3000 GPU and when I try to install CUDA toolkit with same installer which I used to install on my old system then I do get an warning “Graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware. You may continue installation, but you will not be able to run CUDA application.”

If I continue with installation, Late after some time, I do get an error “Failed to installed.” and that shows partial installation of CUDA.

Even CUDA Visual studio project which I could able to build on my old system give linker error.
“Module machine x86 is mismatching with x64 target machine.”

There is not change in project setting and even both system are 64 bit so not able to understand reason of this error.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Jaydeep Patel

Use a newer CUDA toolkit for that M3000 GPU.

Can you please help me to know what are advantages with M3000 over K3100?