Instance Segmentation with pointcloud generation

I am trying to generate pointclouds using the replicator with a custom writer. The data generated by the annotator includes the normals, positions, rgb, and segmentation. However, I would like to have also the instance segmentation of the points so I can keep track of the points of each instance pertaining to the same class.

Is there a way to change the configuration of the annotator to get also the instance segmentation of points?

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Hi @toninsemaan , currently the pointcloud only outputs semantic segmentation info per point. But we are undergoing a refracting and optimization for this annotator. We will support both instance and semantic segmentation for each point.

Hello @jiehanw ,
Thank you for getting back to me.

Great! Have you set the release date of the new feature / version?
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@toninsemaan It is TBD. But we plan to release it in the next version. Hopefully it will be next month.