Instanced object materials?

So I was crazy excited about Omniverse XR, up to the point where I realized my 2080 super wasn’t going to cut it anymore. So while I wait to get an upgrade, I am creating projects in Create that will end up finishing in XR. That said, I am trying to do things as efficiently as possible. This includes using instances whenever I can to save GPU. I have ran into a problem. The instanced object is not duplicating any material changes I made on the original object. I select the object, go to edit → instance, and I get a copy of the original geometry, minus any material changes I made. Worse, I can’t select anything on the instance to edit the materials.

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Hello @terrygweems! Thank you for your interest in Omniverse XR! I informed the team of this bug! Thank you for reporting this to us!

Hi @terrygweems ,

Pulled from Universal Scene Description: Scenegraph Instancing

Prims that share parts of the scenegraph through instancing are called “instance” prims. Each of these instance prims are associated with a “prototype” prim that serves as the root of the shared scenegraph. A single prototype prim may have many associated instances, all of which share the same scenegraph.

Properties and metadata (e.g., variant selections) on instance prims can be edited and overridden like any other prim. However, properties and metadata on descendant prims beneath instance prims cannot be overridden. Since prototype prims are dynamically generated and do not exist in scene description, overriding properties and metadata on prototypes or prims in prototypes is also not allowed.

So I feel like you are seeing something that is working exactly how USD and Create intended, but I do feel like USD is capable of more in this situation. Unfortunately, I am not seeing the UI built around for this in create so it might not be a supported feature, I will ask around.