I am about to make 1000s of instances of this alembic file import.

I started by making it “instaceable”, but it disappears:

Can you tell me why?

Also if someone knows a good extension or native tool to spread duplicates of these all over the sky in all directions with randomization features also, that would be great!

I know there is the surface instancer

but I need to spread all over the empty sky!


Hi @pekka.varis. Ideally, your material assignments would be inside of the payload. What looks to be happening is that that material binding is breaking when you make the payload instanceable which is by design. So, you should either:

  1. Don’t instance it.
  2. Put the material and binding within the payload (e.g. in your other USD file)
  3. Use collection-based material binding.

Also, note that setting instanceable (native instancing) on that mesh doesn’t do anything. Native instancing is really meant to be used on the top-level prim of a referenced asset.