Instruction classification by Nsight

Regarding instruction categorization, I have the following questions:

1- According to Nvbit output, there are some fused instructions, in my opinion, which consist of multiple categories. For example, IADD.MOV. So, is this instruction considered as integer or move instruction? I would like to analyze the Nvbit output myself.

2- Some instructions are logically similar but fall in different categories. For example, LEA from integer class looks similar to ULEA from uniform datapath class. Does profiler classifies instructions exactly based on the ISA table described here?

When you’re asking about instruction classification, where are you looking in Nsight Compute specifically? Are there some instruction bins that you are trying to understand? Perhaps I can provide some more information if you can share where you are seeing these different classes.

Assume, I have supplied smsp__sass_thread_inst_executed_op_integer_pred_on.sum metrics which is similar to inst_integer in nvprof. Now, the question is does an instruction like IADD.MOV considered as integer instruction? What about LEA vs. ULEA?