Instruction level profiling, which GPU?

Hello all,

recently I’ve come about this blog post:

In the post it says that instruction level profiling is “available on Maxwell (GM200) and later GPUs”.
That does, unfortunately, not include my current GTX 750 (GM107) card.

Before buying a new one, I was wondering if instruction level profiling is supported on any Pascal chip (==later than GM200?) or only on certain models.

Can anybody confirm on which Pascal chips it is working?


The original GTX 750 was indeed an earlier silicon release than the later “full maxwell” chips (GTX 970, 980, 980Ti).

Well there is also a GTX 750 SE (“second edition”) that is based on the GM206 chip… if you need to stay in the low price region and want to target the Maxwell architecture. But instead you could also try the Pascal low end with the new GTX 1050. I have not tried instruction level profiling on Pascal yet, so I cannot confirm if it is working.

You need a compute capability 5.2 or higher device for this. So all Pascal chips (cc6.x) support this.

Thank you guys for that information! I’ll probably go for the GTX 1050 then, so I don’t need to upgrade the power supply.