Intalling two different GPUs and thier drivers

The first graphics card is a gtx 1070 and the second is a gtx 960.
I attempted to install them both at the same time but it messed up my computer’s boot process. I had to revert to a previous restore point to fix it.

The GPUs are sitting on two 16 pin PCI express slots.
My OS is Windows 10.
What do I need to do differently?

Can you be more specific as to what exactly happened? Assuming you got a Windows Blue Screen of Death? (BSOD)

This could be a software issue in Windows itself or an issue with the motherboard. You might want to update the BIOS on the system if not already done to see if that helps. If it’s software related, it could be that the NVIDIA drivers might be need to be completely uninstalled – there is a good tool for that here:

If that doesn’t resolve it, and if possible, install Ubuntu and NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu and see if the video cards work under Linux. If that works, you might need to reinstall Windows altogether.

This is resolved. Here are the steps I followed after installing the second video card.

  1. Initial boot up the computer
  2. Restart
  3. Uninstal drivers for both. Windows 10 will have auto installed a bad driver for the 960.
  4. Download the GeForce Experience tool.
  5. Restart.The tool won’t recognize your drivers yet
  6. Install the drivers using the tool
  7. Restart
  8. Use the tool and install again. It will install additional items.
  9. Restart
  10. At this point the GPUs had no issues when I viewed them in device management.