Integrate custom mipi csi-2 driver with d3 FPD-Link III on xavier

Hello everyone,

we are trying to integrate a custom modified ov5693 driver with d3 FPD-Link III on xavier board. this custom driver has i2c disabled. we want to capture camera feed without writing any i2c registers from the sensor. but this sensor is not getting detected with d3 deserializer(ub960) and serializer(ub953). any help would be appreciated.

dmesg logs related to ub960 and ub953.
dmesg | grep ub9
[ 5.777891] ub960 2-0032: csi speed:1472-1664 lanes:1 continuous-clock:yes
[ 5.777897] ub960 2-0032: missing property: reg
[ 5.777903] ub960 2-0032: missing property: physical-addr
[ 5.777906] ub960 2-0032: ub953: expecting one sensor but saw 0!
[ 5.777916] ub960: probe of 2-0032 failed with error -22

we were able to successfully integrate imx390 driver. but this custom driver is not getting detetcted.

Check why from the ub960 source code.

checked. ub960 probe is failing for this sensor when reading register INTERRUPT STATUS REGISTER = 0x24. it’s able to read this register for imx390 sensor. how to debug it?

You may need to probe the signal to make sure all of the control pin are in correct status.


address value
0x02 0x1e
0x03 0x40
0x04 0xd0
0x05 0x01
0x06 0x00

0x1f 0x04
0x20 0x00
0x21 0x03
0x22 0x00
0x32 0x01
0x33 0x72
0x34 0x00
0x35 0x00
0x36 0x00
0x37 0x00
0x40 0x00
0x42 0x71
0x41 0xa9
0x43 0x01
0x44 0x00
0x45 0x00
0x46 0x20
0x47 0x00
0x48 0x00
0x49 0x00

0x4c 0x12
0x4d 0x40
0x4e 0x02
0x4f 0x00
0x50 0x00
0x51 0x00
0x52 0x00
0x53 0x00
0x54 0x00
0x55 0x00
0x56 0x00
0x57 0x00
0x70 0x6b
0x71 0x6c
0x72 0x51
0x73 0x00
0x74 0x00
0x75 0x00
0x76 0x00

0x7a 0x00
0x7b 0x00
0x7c 0x00

0xb9 0x33
0xd2 0x94
0xd3 0x1f
0xd4 0x60
0xd5 0xf2
0xd6 0x00
0xd7 0x03
0xd9 0x01
0xd8 0x00
0xda 0x00
0xdb 0x00

0x0d 0x00
0x0c 0x00

0x19 0x61
0x1a 0xa8
0x1b 0xe3
0x1c 0xdd
0x18 0x80

0x58 0x5e

0x6e 0x8a
0x4c 0x12

0x5d 0x30
0x65 0x82
0x5e 0x34
0x66 0xc2
0x6d 0x7c

0xd5 0xf2
0x23 0x02

0x0c 0x02
0x24 0x00


register read errors are there.

address value
0x02 c3
0x03 c3
0x04 c3
0x05 c3
0x06 c3
0x07 c3
0x32 c3
0x50 c3
0x51 c3
0x52 c3
0x55 c3
0x56 c3
0x5b c3
0x5c c3
0x5d c3
0x5e c3
0x5f c3
0x60 c3
0x61 c3
0x62 c3
0x63 c3
0x64 c3

status register are indicating there is no communication between deserializer and serializer. but communication is working for imx390. so what is different for the other sensor? do we have to change sensor specific settings for communication to work?

You need to check the driver depend on the HW, I have no idea about it.

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