Integrate MAX14830 with Xavier NX

We are using Xavier_NX to integrate with MAX14830, to provide more UARTs. But we found the time gap between two SPI access is very long, I searched many topic about this, but did not find any answer. Could someone help to clarify if use MAX14830, what’s the max uart bps?

Hi yyhyyc,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Xavier NX?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

What do you mean about “two SPI access”?
Do you mean the gap between 2 SPI packet?

We’ve not verified this temperature sensor. You could refer to its datasheet for the data rate.
It seems you could also use I2C with this module if you have concern with SPI or UART.

We used several kinds of carrier board, and we also designed one carrier board of ourselves, this is not the key question. We hope to use SPI bus to extend more UART ports, now it’s working, when we do pressure test, find the lost is very high even only used one Uart at 115200bps. Then we measured the spi bus signals, then fund the time gap between two spi CS is very long, which could not support continuous 115200 bps. So, how to adjust the spi setting to increase the speed? We used Jetpack 5.0.2 .

It is important for us to know your status.

It seems relating to SPI driver. Someone use SPI driver from K4.9 on the board running K5.10, and it works and the time gap issue seems get resolved. Could you help to verify with K4.9 (R32.7.4) and check the status?

We used P3449 carrier board.

Could you show us the original post (working on K4.9/R32.7.4)? We’d like to know what was the problem and how it was fixed. Thanks

Please refer to the following topic to check if it could help.
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