Integrated Jetson nano + dongle coral edge tpu

Hi everyone,
Is it possible to work jetson nana with dongle coral edge tpu?
Is it efficiet way to use one jetson nano and some gongle coral edge tpu? If so, please links some refrencses about this challenge.

See this article:

Very interesting combi! Based on this article I’m building a k3s cluster with 5 Jetson Nano along with Coral Edge TPU (USB stick). Don’t use the M.2 version. Not stable enough and/or some Nano boards will not bootup with them installed.

Follow the getting started guide:

See also Many other articles are available. This is just one example.

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In the production, Is it efficient to use USB dongle processor?

That highly depends on the use case (s).

The M.2 does not have any good heat dissipation vs placement of M.2 slot position on the Nano carrier board.

I really like and prefer the overall available degrees of freedom in that respect with the additional Coral TPU vs the hardware investment cost.

Just my two cents: Although I started out with the Nano, I now would prefer the NX in this point in time, especially the new carrier board that goes along with the NX. Broader deployment possibilities and more future proof.

What’s NX?

It’s so expensive.