Integrating an Orbec Astra+ camera with the Jetson Nano

I have been attempting to use an Orbec Astra+ camera with a Jetson Nano. Specifically, I aim to use python to run some algorithms on the video captured by the camera.

Orbec has available several SDK options in Download SDK-Orbbec 3D , including a python SDK. However, this SDK has no compatibility with ARM cpus.

Is anyone aware of an alternate method to use the camera through python on the Jetson? I believe it might be possible to use the C++ SDK on the Jetson, but I would rather keep that as a last resort.

It looks like your camera requires additional driver. This would need other users to share experience.

By default we support UVC driver. For USB cameras or YUV sensors, we can capture frame data through v4l2 interface. If your camera supports v4l2, can try this method.

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