Integrating Multiple MiPi Cameras with a Jetson Nano A02

Hi, I have a question about attaching a MiPi CSI-2 camera with a Jetson Nano. I am trying to run 4 cameras simultaneously on a Parrot AR drone.

Is there a way to connect a MiPi camera to the 40 pin header or is there another way of connecting the camera other than the included MiPi CSI-2 ports?

hello j.s,

please refer to Nano J41 Header Pinout for reference, I’m afraid you cannot enable 40-pin header to communicate with CSI cameras.

Nano A02 provide only single camera connector, but you may have your carrier board customization to have multiple camera supports.
there’re are several ways to connect multiple cameras on Jetson-Nano.
for example,

  1. three quad-lane camera streams, or
  2. two quad-lane plus two dual-lane camera streams, or
  3. one quad-lane plus three dual-lane camera streams.

please access Jetson Nano Product Design Guide from download center, you may check [Chapter 8. MIPI CSI Video Input] for the details of CSI camera configuration.