Integrating ROS-Kinetic with Hokuyo Smart-URG Lidar and IMU processor with control from GUI in C++

We are using Jetson TX2, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Ros Kinetic to achieve autonomous driving of a small rover.
Currently we have issues integrating Ros based heterogeneous system with other heterogeneous systems, most notably GUI based control of powering up all the components, arming ESC motors and connecting to the lidar via ethernet cable.
Our problem lies in integrating and compiling lidar data retrieval using Ros with decision making script in c++.

What would be the best strategy in approaching this issue?

We tried the following:
-Directly injecting Ros nodes to the decision-making script
-Connecting Ros and decision making systems with networking, file I/O

Although we did achieve some results, further integration of IMU would be inefficient, if possible at all.

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

RIT Robotics club Croatia.

Hi ritroboticscro,

We do not have experience about using the Hokuyo with ROS, may other developers to provide their suggestions as your reference.