Integration between IsaacSim and Create XR

I have a USD scene in IsaacSim and I am controlling it using the Python API. Furthermore, I tested the same scene on Create XR using the VR Headset. I was wondering if it is possible to run an IsaacSim simulation using the Python API and see what is going on in the scene using the VR headset, as in Create XR. In other words, IsaacSim supports VR headsets? is there a way to integrate both environments (IsaacSim and Create XR)?

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Isaac sim should contain all of the VR extensions that Create XR provides, they are disabled by default however.
If you are on windows you should be able to search for the relevant xr extensions under Window->Extension manager, enable them, set them to autoload and restart isaac sim.

The XR extensions need to be started when isaac sim/ omniverse first loads, enabling, setting to autoload and restarting isaac sim should enable them properly.

Note that the XR extensions are currently only supported on windows.

Hi @juanjqo

For Linux you can try the recently updated external user extension semu.xr.openxr (formerly omni.add_on.openxr)

For the topic, visit:

Thank your for your reply. I’m going to test it!

Thank you for your comments. It is good to know. Currently, I’m using IsaacSim on Windows.