Integration of Boson OEM for capture

We are currently working on using our Nvidia Orin Developper Kit to capture with a Boson thermal camera (by Flir).

We have started to develop a code using the Boson SDK to copy frames reading the buffer, but it is quite slow to record frames and will likely not be fast enough for our need.

Would you have recommendations on SDKs that could suit our needs? Potentially also we wonder if we should add to our system a capture card, what do you think about it ?

What’s the interface? USB?
If USB you can check if nvv4l2camserasr able to archive your target and try to integrate it to Boson SDK.

Thanks! Yes the interface is USB! I’ve tried the command though but it didn’t work on my Jetson and I think my data format from the camera is not the one that should work by default YUV.

But I also noticed difficulties just streaming so I thought I might have a problem of buffer.

Therefore I tried on another machine (a common PC laptop) to use opencv python libraries to record in TIFF video files (which is what I want) and it worked!

So I got some SSD storage for my Orin developper kit (I didn’t put any at first!). I’m going to install it (flashing the OS) and then will try again the capture and I’m pretty confident it should work. Will keep you updated and try the option you suggested once I find the exact data format from my camera (but I have an idea about it since I’ve already looked into the buffer data structure).

Many thanks for your help!

For USB camera you can try below tools
v4l2src/nvv4l2camerasrc and
v4l2-ctl --stream-mmap

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