Integration of shader debugging (e.g. Linux Graphics Debugger)


as a Linux developer I’m pleased to see Nsight made its way towards the eclipse platform which is my IDE of choice when it comes to C++ development. However, I got a few questions and suggestions about the general state of the NVIDIA debugging toolchains on linux systems I’d like to address here:

I’ve personally never got the opportunity to try out Nsight Visual Studio Edition, but as far as the feature list is concerned one is able to debug shaders and GL execution states on Windows systems while the Nsight Eclipse edition only seems to support debugging of CUDA kernels. Of course there is the excellent Linux Graphics Debugger utility to fill that gap and I think it works amazingly well doing so. The only minor complaint about it I have is that each time you recompile your application you need to start the application via SSH which can be a bit tedious if doing often. Currently there seems to be no button to re-run the last executable, you always have to reselect it from the history in the connection settings dialog. I think Nsight Eclipse edition does the right thing here in terms of letting the programmer debug the GPU right from the IDE itself and I really like to see this feature in the future.

So, to summarize this issue: Are there any plans to incorporate the features of the Linux Graphics Debugger into Nsight Eclipse edition? I’d really like to see that happen.

Furthermore, what is the general state of development regarding the Linux Graphics Debugger? I did not see any public release since version 1.0 and I’m concerned if it this software will receive any updates in the near future.

The last suggesstion I’d like to point out is the opportunity of providing an eclipse update site to allow the incorporation of GPU debugging features right into my running eclipse instance. This way developers would be able to use their existing workspace and plugin setup without the need of any additional eclipse instances running. Are there any plans about such a feature?

All in all I’m really enjoying the use of the Linux Graphics Debugger and it helps me out tracking down GL errors pretty quickly and efficient. It’s more about the integration into my current toolchain where I’d really love to see some progress.

Thank you for any response in advance!

Hi grunz, as I know, Nsight EE still only support cuda debug until now, but thank you for your advise, I’ll try to communicate to the related guys to see some progress