Integration Options Between DeepStream and OPC UA


I want to generate PLC instructions (with OPC UA) according to the detection outputs come from a DeepStream pipeline, but I’m not sure what the best solution is for such operation. Here are some of my initial ideas:

• Should I sink the filtered output to a message queue and find a connector between the queue and OPC UA?
• Should I handle OPC UA client operations inside a code (C/C++/Python) while filtering detection outputs using DeepStream SDK?

What are the possible solutions to integrate DeepStream inference pipeline with a PLC using OPC UA? Is this kind of integration possible without writing custom code? I would be appreciated if someone can guide me on this!


• DeepStream Version: 6.4
• Issue Type: Question

DeepStream is a SDK. You can use the DeepStream APIs for any purpose.

You can get DeepStream inferencing outputs in different formats with different APIs.

Well, I’m aware that using SDK is a method to integrate different applications & APIs. Thanks for your answer.

I’m curious about the methods that are embraced as best practices by the community. What are the common tools/intermediaries/products that are being used to connect DeepStream and PLC protocols such as OPC UA and Siemens S7 alongside custom integrations using SDK?

It depends on what PLC protocol is needed. We don’t have such instruction since DeepStream SDK is for common use and has provided different APIs for all the users. You need to analysis your requirements by yourself and choose the proper way to implement your requirements.

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