Intel D435 fails to get RBG stream


After adapting kernel patches for D435 to correctly support the camera we are able to run librealsense examples on a TX2 board with connecttech Astro carrier. Concretely we have tested the camera using


examples, which just open streams for RGB and Depth.

However, executing the exact same examples using same kernel patches fail to receive frames from the RGB stream. Depth stream is correctly opened but RGB fails after 15 seconds without any frame received. Trying original unpatched kernel gives the same results.

How can we make it work?

There are two links about running D435 on Nano:
It may help your case. Please take a look.

In fact these are the steps we followed to make it work on first TX2 with Astro carrier. However, this exactly same processes seemed to fail when done on Orbitty carrier or Nano.

After a lot of testing and some luck, we finally found the reason. It was not related to compilation process, nor the hardware used. It was a permissions issue. When using the RGB channel on Jetson devices the user requesting frames must belong to the video group. If not, the user can open the camera and request for frames but no error is reported apart from “No frames received”. As this is quite confusing we have opened an issue on librealsense:

This issue do not happen on PC, where users not belonging to video group can open and read from RGB stream.

In any case, thank you very much for the information.