Intel MKL Using Intel MKL


I have a code that is compiled with PGI in Linux that calls some Intel MKL functions. Does anyone know with CUDA FORTRAN whether Intel MKL functions can be called in GPU code.

You are probably going to have to ask PGI support that (although I would be amazed if it were possible). There are very few, if any, people using that PGI compiler product that post around here.

You can’t call Intel MKL on GPU. There may be alternative products ( CUBLAS, CULA, MAGMA) depending on the functions you are calling.

I am calling the multi-variable gaussian random number generator. Am I out of luck

Most of what is available is linear algebra functions (basically BLAS, some LAPACK and some sparse matrix operations). Random number generators are not, AFAIK.

Hi jcancian,

There shouldn’t be any difference in using MKL with PGI and CUDA Fortran provided that you are calling the MKL routines from host code.

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