Intel OpenCL SDK

Did any of you try the alpha version of OpenCL SDK released by Intel? Any comments? Leave them here please…

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I have tried it, but it has a rather tight set of software and hardware requirements that lock it out of 95% of the machines I work with.


Yeah, It is either Vista or Windows 7 with CPUs based on Core Microarchitecture (like I7 or Core2Duo)

But is there anything else that you found limiting?

Wait, seriously? They released their OpenCL SDK for Windows only??? It’s one thing to release games for Windows first, but this seems kind of odd for a library aimed at the HPC crowd. Intel must not be devoting many resources to this development effort.

Yep, I was scratching my head with that one as well. Admittedly it is only an “alpha” release, but the lack of Linux seems like a major oversight on Intel’s behalf.

If anyone manages to benchmark this on a CPU. I would be very interested to hear about achieved FLOPs for different OpenCL kernels.

I think Intel has bigger plans…

Recently Intel released ARBB - which is similar to high level AMD brooks (to my limited knowledge) - which compiles high level code to some intermediate representation – and employs JIT at run-time to compile to any Intel CPU at run-time. This addresses something that Intel has been missing for a long time. A common binary representation to run optimally on any Intel CPU by JITing at run-time. I would expect Intel compiler to generate Intermediate code going forward.

The JIT thing could be related to OpenCL as well. Need to check.

And above all, ARBB would run seamlessly on Larrabee when it finally gets released. So, it all converges there…

When Larrabee finally gets released, it will just be able to run “OpenCL” programs and for that reason Intel needs to be get OpenCL ready. This is how they can make up for all the lost time.

I get reminded of Greg’s remarks in
David Ditzel and binary translation project at Intel…Hmm…

NVIDIA needs to be watchful!