Intel Realsense D435i vs D435 for Kaya + Isaac 2019.3

We are building our first Kaya robot. We used Intel D435i thinking it should be a drop in replacement for the D435, but when we try the Joystick example there is an error message that there is no Intel Realsense camera connected and there is a crash. Before digging too deep into debugging this, wondering if anyone else tried using a D435i for Isaac 2019.3 instead of D435 and whether it was successful out of the box or required modifications to the software. Thanks!

I have reached the conclusion that the D435i needs a newer version of librealsense than what’s in Isaac 2019.3, but don’t know if that’s something that can be updated by us or has to be done at Nvidia

Having spent a few days on this, I found that the issue of using D435i on the Kaya design is more subtle. Isaac 2019.3 is using librealsense 2.29 which is suposed to have support for D435i. Yet the Kaya Joystick example and the Isaac realsense_camera sample app issue error messages that no realsense camera was found. With the same hardware configuration, simply following Intel’s Linux installation procedure and trying out their realsense-viewer app does work. It uses version 2.32 of realsense library. But then compiling the same software release on the Kaya completes successfully but also can’t find the camera.

In summary, Intel’s current pre-packaged 2.32 release of the realsense viewer does work on the Jetson Nano to find the D435i camera while the same 2.32 release compiled from sources does not find the D435i camera on the same system.

I have ordered a D435 to make sure that the only difference is the D435 vs D435i camera.

And between these 2 camera models, the D435i is supposed to be just the D435 with added IMU. I am guessing that there is some subtle issue with the additional USB devices or IDs even when the IMU is not being used.

By the way, some kudos to the Isaac team. I found that even though Isaac 2019.3 has librealsense built in, it is relatively easy to update the bazel files to build with a newer version of this external package. While that hasn’t resolved the specific D435 vs D435i issue, it’s nice to see the extensibility and modularity of Isaac 2019.3

HI infox22oo,
Does the error also happen on a x86_64 machine? i.e using the realsense_camera app on host without deployment to Jetson?

Thanks for your response. The D435i works on the host.

Here’s what we have been able to determine:

Host: Intel Realsense D435i works with binary release from Intel and compiled sources, as verified with Intel’s realsense-viewer app. We will try the Isaac app later today

Jetson Nano: Intel Realsense D435i does not work with Isaac 2019.3 which uses librealsense 29. Also, librealsense 29 or 31 or 32 or 33 compiled from sources don’t work, but the realsense-viewer with Intel’s binary release does work.

In summary, the realsense-viewer apps in Intel’s binary releases for the D435i do work, and the compiled ones do not work on Nano but do work on x64 Intel architecture.

We’re investigating this further. We also have the regular D435 showing up tomorrow to see if it is really only due to the D435i vs D435 difference.

We got the D435, it worked.

The D435i did not work and even updating Isaac 2019.3 to use librealsense 32 did not work

In summary, on Jetson Nano the D435i camera is not working with software compiled from sources. Intel’s realsense viewer from binary release does work, and realsense-viewer on Intel platform also works. Only the combination of D435i compiled from sources and on Jetson Nano is what’s causing trouble, but we’ll spend no more time on this and will just return the D435i and simply use the D435