Intellisense for Android Java

 You've made an awesome development environment with NSight Tegra.  Each release makes it more and more incredible.  Once feature that's missed by many folks is intellisense for Java and the ability to do alt+g (for example) as context sensitive to "go" to the definition/type/etc of the highlighted variable or type.
 Are you planning to try to add some kinds of intellisense for java, and if not can you take this as a feature request.

Thank and keep up the awesome work!

Mike Cianflone

Hi Mike,

We’re glad to hear you like Nsight Tegra! Improving Java IntelliSense and debugger is in our plans for the future releases, but, unfortunately, I cannot say anything definite regarding the date when it will be available.

By the way, the Java Language Support VS extension adds brace matching, class/function outlining and member dropdown lists for Java. See: Regrettably, it doesn’t have IntelliSense, but still better than nothing.