Intellisense issues on Visual Studio2019

hi all, I need a little help with a sticky problem.

I normally build and test code for my nano using Visual Studio with the VisualGDB plug in, and am able to build and run everything with relative ease(thats to say, it actually works fine).

But I also teach a class on graphic coding with SBC’s and some students are using Jetsons as target systems, using visual studio without the VisualGDB plug in (its a cost, students don’t like to pay, and thats fair enough).

Now though VS2019 is allowing us to create ARM64 projects and they do build and run just fine in the nano, Intellisense just does not seem to work for it, throwig up muluple red squiggles and refusing to recognise legitimate namespaces and C++ stardard libs and functions, even though the libs are loaded and referenced just fine in headers.
Its not just my students, I also converted some of my test projects to run as standard Visual Studio 2019 C++ for linux projects and indeed, though it builds and runs and debugs fine but the intellisense is next to useless.

Looking through the Visual Studio developers forums, a few people have reported such an issue, and I added my comment to let MS know this is a problem, but does anyone here also use VS2019 to build projects on their Nano, did you have/solve this issue?


Thanks for the feedback.
We are checking this issue. Will get back to you asap.


Happy to report MS have looked into this and have a fix in place, we just need to wait for the release.


Thanks for updating this information to us.
This also help our user. : )