Intellisense not working for int32_t

Intellisense not working for int32_t for android_native_app_glue.h and cpp but it does work for other files.

Hi Zingam,

It’s usually caused by missing the include directory in the project settings for where your header file was located.


Well, it is not just that.

  1. Intellisense tells me that ANDROID is not defined but _WIN32 is defined and still compiles correctly for the AArch64-Android-Nvidia configuration.

  2. For the .c file the IDE looks for the integer types in


And for the .cpp files in


Why is that so? Isn’t that a problem?

In comparison the Microsoft Android cross-platform tools VS2015 does not exhibit these problems.

Well, changing the extension from .c to .cpp fixes that. So what’s wrong with C files?

A combination of Toolchain version -> Default and STL Type -> LLVM libc++ makes intellisense and the compiler happy.