Inter process communication on Tegra

The cudaIpcGetMemHandle() and cudaIpcOpenMemHandle() are not working on DrivePX (Tegra chips are not supported).

Is there any other way to share the CUDA allocated memory between processes on Tegra(zerocopy etc.)?

Dear Komor,
CUDA IPC calls are not supported on Tegra. You can check if EGL stream can help in your use case. EGL stream can be used to transfer frames across processes.


Thank you for your hints, why the IPC is not working on Tegra? Tegra also supports unified memory…

I am trying to use ROS messages to distribute the image from a front looking camera between several separate detection nodes. It is working very well with IPC on x86 architecture and GPU card.

I doubt that EGL stream can be used with ROS. Is there any other way to share CUDA memory between separate processes?