Inter-process synchronization INSIDE CUDA kernel

Is this possible?

I have a machine with 8 GPUs, and a program launched via MPI. I was assuming this could perhaps be done with some volatile GPU memory that is shared among local peers via cudaIPC* APIs, and use atomic operations with system scope to achieve this.

However I found it to not work. Below is a simple kernel to demonstrate this(the most concise version, launched with only 1 block and 1 thread for each process). It looks like I had to cast away the volatileness because atomic* APIs do not support volatile parameters, although that’s just my guess and I am not 100% certain that is the reason.

__global__ void inter_process_atomic_kernel(volatile unsigned int* gpu_ipc_count,
                                            int num_local_gpus) {
  // was expecting each process to see a different value between [0, num_local_gpus - 1]
  unsigned int old = atomicInc_system((unsigned int*)gpu_ipc_count, 1);
  printf("Old value : %d\n", old);


[1,1]<stdout>:Old value : 0
[1,0]<stdout>:Old value : 1
[1,7]<stdout>:Old value : 0
[1,4]<stdout>:Old value : 1
[1,2]<stdout>:Old value : 0
[1,3]<stdout>:Old value : 1
[1,6]<stdout>:Old value : 0
[1,5]<stdout>:Old value : 1

If this is not feasible, is there any way synchronization could be achieved INSIDE CUDA kernels?

you probably want to use (or are thinking about) atomicAdd, not atomicInc

atomicInc increments a location (that is, it adds 1 to it) and applies the rollover value you specify. Since you have a rollover value of 1 specified, the location will be reset to zero when you increment past 1. The returned value can therefore only be 0 or 1.

Try doing atomicAdd(..., 1) instead. You might wish to read the docs also.

this doesn’t have anything to do with volatile, which has nothing to do with atomics.

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