Inter VM Communication of SPE on AGX-Orin

I saw "The communication between CCPLEX and AON using IVC echo channel has been verified only on Jetson AGX Xavier. This feature is not yet available for AGX Orin." in the document.
I want to know whether Orin hardware is supported? Only the current software package does not support.
Can I imitate Xavier’s IVC to achieve my goal?If it can be imitated, can you provide some suggestions?
We need to use IVC to communicate with R5 on the AGX-ORIN.

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Hello, 840764397:
You are right. IVC is not supported in Orin SPE firmware so far. We are still working on that.
It may be hard to implement such feature by yourself.
We will check current status and provide feedback once we get any update.

Thanks for understanding.


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