Interact with nvprof's output

i would like to perform some csv modifications on the output of nvprof with some bash commands but i can’t use the given output with the command grep or anything else. According to the doc default output is on stderr and i think that in my case i need it to be on stdout. I tried to use the ‘%1’ arg for --log-file to redirect it on stdout but i can’t make it work (i get “invalid option”).

Here is my command line :

sudo nvprof --csv --log-file %1 -u us --profile-from-start off myapp | grep "memcpy"

The grep is an example. I just would like to interact with the output in the shell.
Do you have any solutions on how to use the %1 or how to interact with the output of nvprof ?


The ‘%1’ arg for --log-file does not work (as you already mentioned).
Also, there isn’t a way to interact with the output of nvprof through bash commands.