Interaction with Cloud XR ARcore client application Android

I am newbie here. Downloaded Arcore client application and run it on mobile device . Its working as expected. I can see model is placed. My question is what interaction i can perform with model. Interactions like ( Changing color , textures , lighting effects etc.) Does it support? How can we do that?

Hi @pooja.e.bansal -

Are you looking to do native development or use a game engine? From there we can help direct you to the right path.



Hi Veronica

Yes I am looking for native development in Android studio. Looking forward for your help.


Hi Veronica

Presently We are using Omniverse XR beta application. I am able to view 3D models in Oulus Quest2. Along with this, able to perform basic default interactions like left/right , Up/Down, Teleportation, Pick&Grab objects.

My Question is how can we perform custom interactions like Multiuser collaboration so all designer, devloper can meet via Oculus Quest in Omniverse XR Client application.

Does Nvidia omniverse provide Audio feature. Once all users join through omniverse XR client application, should be able to listen each other.

Please guide me on these things

Hi @Veronica_NVIDIA

Hope you are doing good.

It would be great if you can guide me on above queries.


I’m looking to do native development, can you please guide me ? FYI, right now I’m trying with OpenXR Android.