Interconnect between xavier module and microchip PCIe to ethernet controller by using PCIe x1 ?

Now I will use LAN7431 which is Microchip's PCIe interface ethernet controller, to extend more ethernet 

ports by using PCIe x1. But on the datasheet of LAN7431 chip describes that PCIe 3.1 PHY supporting 1 Lane at 2.5GT/s and PCIe 3.1 Endpoint Controller. I want to know that can xavier module support connect with LAN7431
PCIe interface ?

Based on your description, it looks like a typical PCIe Gen-1 and x1 ethernet card. So, Yes, Xavier supports that. BTW, I’m not sure if the device driver for this card is available in the Linux kernel. If not, you may have to get it from the vendor, compile and use it.