Interest in applying GVDB/openVDB to 3D Printing?

I recently saw the brief article on both NVIDIA and HP systems applying GVDB to 3D printing complex voronoi structures and printing these articles. I am wondering if there’s any interest from NVidia or companies to continue research in this area, and if there is potential interest for collaboration. I am interested in pursuing this area because it aligns perfectly with our programme of increasing scalability in 3D printing.

Let me give a brief introduction.
I am part of Centre of Additive Manufacturing at the University of Nottingham, UK. We have a host of printers available in our lab. For the past decade we have done research with commercial systems (laser melting/laser sintering), and more recently looking at multi-material inkjet / metaljet deposition technologies. The latter technologies are fundamentally voxel driven. Typically, we have worked with uniform dense voxel grids -mainly prototyping in Matlab. However, current design tools, and software approaches are not appropriate enough to deal with the complexity we and the industry want to aim for. Especially in strut and TPMS lattice systems, currently gaining attention in Industrial applications.

In my free-time I have pursued using openVDB, and I believe on the CPU this is a powerful approach. I have prototype a solution, and eventually I want to pursue procedural (on the fly) geometry generation for direct manufacture on some of our systems. I am fairly confident GVDB could fill the task.

Would anyone be interested in discussing this further?

Kind Wishes,
Luke Parry

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