Interesting article

NVIDIA Tesla: A Unified Graphics and Computing Architecture
Erik Lindholm, NVIDIA
John Nickolls, NVIDIA
Stuart Oberman, NVIDIA
John Montrym, NVIDIA

It provides quite some background information about the hardware and the resulting software-model.


btw, I couldn’t get the PDF from your link but it’s downloadable from here:

Yeah, someone mailed it to me, the link I posted was the first one google found ;)

I can use the link. Maybe it has something to do with the network you are on. At the university we have a lot of subscriptions on databases all over the internet.

I have to say this is a must-read!!! Probably it’s the most detailed document available that describes the real G80/G92 hardware architecture. Great! Thanks NVIDIA!


I am new to CUDA and GPGPU in general. Could anybody be kind enoug to send me a copy the above article as a pdf or html. I am reequesting you this because I do not have an IEEE subscription so I can not download the artciles from the above links. My email ID is

I shall be thankful to you guyz.

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If some1 does – it means it is a blatant violation of IEEE membership agreement. Isn’t it?

edit : whoops, my method doesn’t work anymore …

I don’t understand how I had access to this document on Friday… mystery … (I think that the link on the page given by kristleifur did work friday)

BTW yes, this would be a license violation

Lucky You!!! :-) Enjoy!

OK, I just checked the IEEE license agreement and found you people absolutely right. Thank you for your reminder. I would rather wait till my college re-opens and subrcription starts again.

I wish IEEE could follow Google’s way!

BTW, can any of you guyz give me some pointers to aricles and papers discussing non-graphics application development on GPUs (apart from those listed on CUDA ZONE)



I have some stuff I downloaded the other day, remind me to post it here. Did you try searching Google Scholar for NVIDIA CUDA? That’s where I found most of the stuff.