Interesting, Programming Guide v3.0.0 shows rtTerminateRay can be called form Miss program, why?

I have just been perusing the programming guide to check some bits in case I had forgotten something. I noticed that it is valid to call rtTerminaetRay in a miss program. This seems a bit strange and I cannot see a use for this unless I am missing something obvious? I essentially see this would be the same as adding a return; into a miss program? I wonder if it is checked in the document ‘just because’ the call does work in that scope.

If anybody can shed light or has found a use of this it would be great to hear,

Also rtTransform* appears to be allowed in the miss, what sort of scope is the miss program executed as it is assigned to the context which doesn’t have a transform, more baffled but maybe having a silly moment?

rtTransform* is a regular expression and means the rtTransformPoint/Vector/Normal functions.
The miss program is in world space, and it’s totally valid to do some conversions to object space for example.

I’m not so sure what use an rtTerminateRay in a miss program could have since that basically is the end of the ray anyway. I never used it outside any_hit shadow programs.

Thanks for your reply Detlef. Its an interesting situation.

However I still have some questions:

So what object space would this transform result in as the miss program is not attached to any object and is on the context?

Good, just what I had thought and pleased it’s not just me thinking like that :)