Interface Wireless Temperature sensor with Jetson TX2 board

Hello, I have Jetson TX2 Board and I am trying to build the Wireless Sensor Network with this board which is something new for me I am using Wireless Temperature Transmitter to communicate with a receiver which is connected with the development board via USB, But the problem I have never interface sensor with this kind of board. Any useful suggestion to make it work will be very helpful.


I saw the website mentions it supports Raspberry Pi. Do you have any more detail about this? If it can support linux with kernel >= 4.4, then it might be able to work on tegra.

Hi, The mention wireless Temperature sensor consists of Xbee Pro device which has IEEE standard 802.15.x.x which will send the data to Repeater connected via USB port on this board

I am sharing the links of the data sheets of:


as well as

Temperature sensor:

and also the NCD software manual of suggested software use in PC’s or laptop