interface with Excel


Is it possible to use CUDA inside a “COM” objet.
I want to link Excel to CUDA code.
What should i do ?


I’m pretty sure this is possible.
There’s nothing special about CUDA what can prevent using it in COM object.
You should implement your COM object as usual (MSDN is a good start if you heve never done it before).

Thank you Andrei for your answer.

Otherwise, do somebody know how to include Cuda Code in a dll ?

I’m using CUDA in a DLL. There’s nothing special about using it in DLL, really. If you can be more specific I may be able to help you.

Actually i not a experienced developper.

Could you summarize the different stages to do that ?

Do you use the “template” project or you create your own project by choosing its properties ?

I’m using MSVS2005 and I’m pretty happy with built-in template for building Win32 DLLs. After that you have to specify include directories and build rules for .cu files and add your CUDA code.

If you have .exe project already you may wish to change project type from Win32 Application to DLL instead of starting from the beginning.

Thanks :)

I will try.