Interfacing JTX1 with M4-ATX for proper shut-down of JTX1

Hello All,

Looking for interfacing JTX1 with M4-ATX for proper shut-down of JTX1 … need to connect output 24 or 4 pin connector to input of JTX1…

though it’s meant for Motherboards but there should be a way to connect it by having converter from 24/4 pin to DC input voltage type of converter…Has anyone done this before any time ?

I have not done this with a Jetson. Beware though that switching mode power supplies may not regulate with too low of a power load. The Jetson uses so little power compared to a desktop that you may need to add a small load, e.g., 10% of max power rating for the supply (a lower max wattage supply has an advantage here). A related useful link:

so is it as simple like connecting +12 V and GND pin from 24/4 pin ATX connector to DC type of coaxial cable connector ?

Should we use 24 pin or 4 pin output … or both are same considering 12 V output for JTX1…

You would have to do some rewiring. The sense line will not bring up everything until it sees some other part being stable…depending on supply, that would be the part with the load resister to allow stable regulation at low loads. The ATX style power supplies have a standard pin arrangement, but may differ depending upon standard (which would also mean connector differs and which part must be stable differs). This may be useful:

OK Thanks…

One thing i wanted to know is there is motherboard power ON/OFF header pins with conventional motherboard…

Do we have similar jumpers available on JTX1 to connect these two pins ? If yes what the number of it on JTX1 board ?

I saw this earlier this month regarding power pins:

I was going to reply to this earlier, but my ISP went down…took until afternoon today to get service back (someone forgot to change a software setting at their central office for a new modem…which didn’t like the old modem settings). The pins on the JTX1, although divided into pairs, basically offer similar functionality for power on, reset, and power LED indicator. These are described in the JetsonTX1_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board_Spec.pdf, plus you will see references in the schematic for headers J3 (reset), J4 (power LED), J6 (power switch), J9 (recovery), and J11 (force off). These 2-pin headers are right near the switches.

Many documents available from here (requires free login):

OK I checked it … that’s great thanks for all the information…

Regarding GPIO pins are they 3.3 V compatible on JTX1 with J21 Header ? I need to connect 12 V ignition line to it so do i need to step down to 3.3 V ?

Some GPIO can be set to 1.8V (optionally) via J24 jumper. Default jumper position is 3.3V. The schematic lists J21 nets as 3.3V.

Can we apply upto 3.6 V to GPIO pin from J21 jumper ?

Depending on jumper setting, this will be rated at either 1.8V or 3.3V. I can’t swear to it…but 3.6V seems like a bad idea.