Interfacing over the camera link standard with the TX1, yes/no/advice?

Could I use a defined interface like the camera link standard or is this well outside the requirements of the TX1? I would like to apply some deep learning behavior around this interface and wanted to see if the TX1 had any suitable options out there in cameras and frame grabbers I could use. I know the frame grabbers I’ve used require a PCIe interface which according my knowledge the TX1 has. I’m slightly new to this area and would appreciate some guidance moving forward. My place of work has interfaced with this standard before and I would like to apply it on a arm architecture.


I have not used it, but there is a CSI interface on all of the Jetsons, along with PCIe and USB. I couldn’t tell you what work would be involved to use CSI, but it is a common topic so I assume it is not “simple”.