Interfacing sensors to Nvidia Jetson Nano

Hello everyone,
I have 8 sensors and I need your opinion on which is better: interface all sensors directly to nvidia Jetson Nano or interface them to another microcontroller board like arduino or esp32 then send their data with serial port to the Jetson Nano for data analysis and action decision ? and why ?
Thanks you in advance !

You need to provide many more details.

  • What is the output of each sensor? A single digital bit, SPI, I2C, RS-232, etc.?
  • What is the speed of the sensor signal?
  • What is the voltage level of the sensor output? If it is not 3.3V, then you probably need at least a level translator in between.

There are I2c sensors and others with 5v voltage level ouput.
All the output level voltage of data gpio is 3.3 v ?

Yes, it is my understanding that they are all 3.3V
Have a look at this thread: The voltage of all GPIO pins are about 1.4~1.5V, not 3,3v? - #5 by JerryChang

So I understand that I have to use a logic level converter between 3;3 V and 5V.
Thanks for help !

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