Interlace decoding on Tegra X2

Does omxh264dec supports interlace decoding with Tegra X2?

I have a H264 file which was encoded by interlace。Does omxh264dec can decode this H264 file?

Interlaced H264 stream can be decoded and de-interlaced into progressive frames. Please try nvv4l2decoder plugin.

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Thank you very much, and the R28.2 multimedia can also support it?

We suggest use r28.3 or later release. On r28.2, there is a known issue:

OK,Thank you. Can the TX1 also support interlaced video?

I still can not decode my interlace video file, use cmd “./video_decode H264 --disable-rendering -o deint_test.yuv deint_test.264”.

The file is at:


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We cannot access the link. You can try to attach it here.

And suggest you try JP4.4.1(r32.4.4).

I will make a try, Thank you!But I want to know if the TX1 also support interlace video?

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