Intermittent display signal loss


I’m experiencing intermittent display loss on ubuntu 22.04 with a 4080. It’s very, very intermittent. Sometimes it works fine all day, but other times it can happen several times within a couple minutes. I have tried different cabling and the issue persists, and I have replaced my 4080 with a 2080 Super, and the issue doesn’t recur. The screen goes black for just a few seconds, then returns.

I am an nvidia employee so if anyone in here wants to hit me up on the internal chat tool, feel free. I work daily on the machine having this issue.

Also wroth noting here: I get dropout/blanking behavior on the top (closest to the mounting screws) DP output on the card. With the display plugged into the adjacent DP output (in the middle of the card) then I get black signal tearing at the top of the frame buffer instead of display drop outs. The intermittency is the same, it’s on the order of every few minutes/hours.

Also worth noting: I have already RMA’ed one card to these signalling issues. So it’s not bad hardware (unless I have two cards with the same defect, which is extremely unlikely).

Please check if this applies:

That is one of my symptoms, yes. I have setup the drivers’ team ppa, and upgraded to 545. I’ll test with my work next week and circle back on the signal drops.

Thanks, @generix 👍

Issue still occurs with 545.29.02 (edit) driver.

Does the machine have integrated wifi, which might be causing interference?

Issue does not seem to occur, at least not nearly as frequently, with 525 ubuntu packages.

I have a bug in nvidia’s internal bug tracker about this now.

I don’t think this is a cable/interference issue. I’m using a fiber optic cable, and there is no issue booting with Windows.