Internal compiler error. module:new_dtype, dt nfd 6506

I am trying to compile a project with several modules. I can do it with several other compilers (Intel, Compaq) but I’m having some trouble understanding the error messages of pgf.

What is the meaning of “module:new_dtype, dt nfd 6506”? Is there an error list?

Thank you.

Hi Ana,

Anytime you see “Internal Compiler Error”, you’ve unfortunately run accross a compiler “bug”. Please send a report to and include sample source code which illustrates the issue.


I also get a similar internal compiler error when compiling f90 modules, even with the new version of compiler suite:
pgf90 7.0-2 32-bit target on x86 Linux

The simplest (and senseless) program that I could figure out to reproduce the bug is:

MODULE geo_coord_class

TYPE geo_coord
  INTEGER :: i
END TYPE geo_coord

TYPE(geo_coord),PARAMETER :: geo_coord_miss = geo_coord(-1)

END MODULE geo_coord_class

MODULE vol7d_ana_class
USE geo_coord_class

TYPE vol7d_ana
  TYPE(geo_coord) :: coord
END TYPE  vol7d_ana

TYPE(vol7d_ana),PARAMETER :: vol7d_ana_miss=vol7d_ana(geo_coord_miss)

END MODULE vol7d_ana_class

MODULE vol7d_class
USE vol7d_ana_class

END MODULE vol7d_class

MODULE vol7d_oraclesim_class
USE vol7d_class

END MODULE vol7d_oraclesim_class


PGF90-F-0000-Internal compiler error. module:new_dtype, dt nfd      39 (ice.f90: 30)
PGF90/x86 Linux 7.0-2: compilation aborted

The clue seems to be in the second PARAMETER declaration:

TYPE(vol7d_ana),PARAMETER :: vol7d_ana_miss=vol7d_ana(geo_coord_miss)

if I remove PARAMETER there, everything works fine: is it a known bug, or am I doing something wrong? Is there a chance for it to be fixed?

I will send the bug report also to
Thank you, davide

Hi Davide,

Customer Support has entered this as Technical Problem Report #4135.



I am having the same problem: a program that compiles fine on a number of other compilers would not compile with pgf95 6.1-2 64-bit target on x86-64 Linux:

pgf95 -C -g -c EMsolver.f90 -o EMsolver.o
PGF90-F-0000-Internal compiler error. module:new_dtype, dt nfd 318 (EMsolver.f90: 17)
PGF90/any Linux/x86-64 6.1-2: compilation aborted
make: *** [EMsolver.o] Error 2

Please provide at least a workaround for this problem as soon as possible. Is there a known cause of it? Thank you,


Hi Anya,

This was fixed in 7.0-7 or later. Please try PGI 7.0-7 or later version.