internal compiler error: Too many ASSIGN statements

I recently upgraded from 10.6 to 19.3. When I compile my FORTRAN 77 code with pgfortran I get an internal compiler error. I tracked it down to the fact that I have more than the 160 ASSIGNs in my code (it’s very old), which apparently is the limit for 19.3

Can anything be done short of rewriting the code to remove ASSIGNs?

Hi mcolozzi,

I was able to reproduce the error here (albeit not until 197 assign statements) so added a problem report (TPR#27064) and have asked our compiler engineers to investigate.

The problem only seems to be in our new LLVM back-end. If you set your PATH to use our non-LLVM back-end ($PGI/linux86-64-nollvm/19.3/bin), then the code should compile correctly.

Hope this helps,

Do I need to set PGI_JAVA and LD_LIBRARY_PATH and MANPATH to point to -nollvm as well?

Getting this error after setting path to linux86-64-nollvm

linux86-64-nollvm/19.3/lib/ file not recognized: file truncated

Strange because the file is there


That the dummy numa library that we ship for systems without a libnuma installed. Try adding “/usr/lib64” to you’re LD_LIBRARY_PATH before the 19.3 lib directory.


The issue of too many assign statements should be fixed with 19.4.