Internal compiler error with the PSBLAS package


I am trying to compile the psblas solver with PGI fortran compiler(12.5) and openmpi 1.6 but I get the error:

ILM file: missing subtype for pointer datatype 75
PGF90-F-0000-Internal compiler error. Errors in ILM file.

PSBLAS is based on F2003 standard and accessible from :

Also I get similar problem with my own code based on F2003 standard. Both Intel and Gfortran compilers can compile my code.


Based on the error that you are getting, this appears to be an internal compiler error. I will download the PSBLAS source and try to reproduce the error that you reported.

I was able to recreate the issue that you reported. A bug report has been filed. The bug number is: fs18789

Thank you for trying this. I have kind of similar problem with my own code too with different internal compiler error code. I am not sure if fixing the problem with PSBLAS will fix my problem too. However my code is not open source yet. I was actually trying to test pgfortran for the Cuda capability to finally buy the pgi compilers. Hummm, so I can’t do that now.

Anyway, I try to replicate the same problem with my code and send you the test case.