Internal compiler error

I am trying to compile new NCAR CESM1.0 model with pgf90 8.0-6
and I get

PGF90-S-0000-Internal compiler error. string_expr_length: ast not string op 14 (/home/alb/cesm1_0/models/lnd/clm/src/main/ndepStreamMod.F90: 119)

any clue?
List is ~300lines long, should I include it?

Hi Alb,

In looking through our problem reports, I do see a similar error (TPR#15708) from the 8.0-6 compiler which was corrected in the 9.0-1 release. The error occurred when using the “TRIM” intrinsic when building a string being passed to a subroutine. For example:

call error_msg ( (/"message"//trim(arg) /) )

While I don’t know if this is indeed the same error that you’re encountering, can you please try a 9.0 or later compiler?


Yes, you’re right. All consistent.
NCAR people use versione 9, and in the code they have
Cal xx (…

An update of my license is a must. thanks.