Internal error while profiling metrics

======== Error: CUDA profiling error.
==16752== Error: Internal profiling error 4190:999.

Nvidia GPU Geforce Mx110
cuda version 12.1

Can you share more about what command was run? Is this related to a CUDA-GDB debugging session?

I got this error when using nvidia visual profiler for profiling metrics like ipc, cache hit etc.

please help me to resolve this error. ( vector_add is application name ).

What GPU are you running on? In general, visual profiler has been replaced by the newer tools, Nsight Systems and Nsight Compute. Are you aware of those tools? Are they missing something or can you try using them?

Ok I will try using Nsight systems and compute.
Thank you.

Nsight Systems and Nsight Compute don’t support NVIDIA Maxwell architecture. For Volta and later architectures, we suggest to switch to these tools. Webpage NVIDIA Developer Tools Overview | NVIDIA Developer provides an overview of developer tools for debugging, profiling, functional correctness checking etc for different API types.

Profiling issue discussed in this forum query has been resolved in another query Profiling metrics.

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