Internal localhost streaming RTSP from deepstream-app fails when network is disconnected

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• Jetson Nano V3, Xaviar NX
**• Deepstream 5.1
**• JetPack 5.1
**• TensorRT Version: na
**• NVIDIA GPU Jetson
**• Issue type. Deepstream streaming failure

Here’s the scenario. We are developing an automotive application prototype using deepstream-app as an interface to 3 cameras, 2 stereo IM477 cameras on an Arducam stereo sync board, and 1 IMX477 night vision cabin camera. The deepstream-app is configured with 3 sinks, overlay, write to disk, and RTSP stream out. Another python app consumes the stream as rtsp://localhost/ds-test/. Everything is fine when the vehicle is in the shop and connected to our shop wifi network. bu, as soon as it moves out of range of the WIFI network and loses connectivity, the RTSP stream from deepstream-app stops. We have tried configuring a dummy network interface that is always up, but doing so had no effect.

RTSP sink config:
#Type - 1=FakeSink 2=EglSink 3=File 4=RTSPStreaming 5=Overlay
#1=h264 2=h265

set below properties in case of RTSPStreaming


Any ideas on how to fix this or what I can try next?

In your case deepstream works as a RTSP server. When the network is broken, the RTSP session can not be maintained. The behavior is defined by RTSP protocol. rfc2326

I know that, hence the dummy network interface. However, even with the dummy interface with a static IP and in an UP state, loopback goes down with loss of connectivity on WiFI.

How do I trick Jetson devices to keep the loopback network enabled?


There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Can your “dummy network interface” simulate the whole RTSP protocol stack? Can the multicast UDP packets also been send over you did not change our code) by your “dummy network interface”?