Internal profiling error 3751:999

Hi all

I installed cuda 8.0.44 in Debian running the Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 run file (

I set up the bin and library paths and im able to build and run cuda programs on my GTX 1070.

I build the examples and can run most of them with no problems (the examples that load .ptx files fail but I think it is a simple case of placing the files in the right location).

I can also compile and run CUDA code from Nsight.

But when I try to profile any application I always get this error:

Internal profiling error 3751:999.
Error: CUDA profiling error.

This error happens from the command line and also from Nsight or the visual profiler.

This is the command im using:

/NVIDIA_CUDA-8.0_Samples/2_Graphics/volumeRender$ nvprof ./volumeRender

The example loads and I can see the first frame of it but it immediately closes with the 3751:999 error. This happens for all examples, same error.

I’m running the Nvidia driver 367.44 that Debian sid provides, I realize that the driver included with the CUDA toolkit is more recent (367.48) but I prefer to run the one that debian provides, could this be the reason?

Any ideas? Could this be related to a bad installation in Debian? What should I check for?

Thanks in advance

I updated the Nvidia driver from Debian Sid from version 367.44-2 to 367.44-3 and that fixed the issue.