Internal Pullup/Pulldown value for Xavier AGX Module and Xavier NX

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When we activate the pullup/pulldown for a GPIO within the pinmux sheet, what resistor value does this internally have? We could not find this information in all the documents.
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Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

hello sevm89,

you may access the applications note of 40-pin GPIO Usage Considerations as see-also, thanks

Thank you for the first answer.
As it is not about the 40-pin GPIO connector of the DevKit, we would like to know the pull-up/down value when a GPIO is configured accordingly in the pinmux sheet. Which value is internally activated?

Hi, no such data is public. For the pads drive strength, it is +/-1mA or +/-2mA as you can see in the Design Guide.

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